Thursday, April 17, 2008

Choose your Career - Beauty Therapy

When you are choosing your career in beauty care, you have a whole range of specialisations to choose from: beauty therapy, hair styling, make-up, massage, facials, manicure, pedicure, electrolysis, herbal beauty care, etc. There are other closely related jobs like those of a beauty lab assistant, health club instructor, cosmetic sales person, consultant, yoga and naturecure practioner, etc.

While it is possible to practice more than one of these simultaneously, you can choose to specialise in any one — hair, skin or makeup — if that’s where your interest lies.If you are specialising in hair, the work would involve cutting, colouring and styling hair.

To achieve professionalism and a good reputation you must blend your technical skills with a dash of creativity and imagination. Barbara, an expert hairdresser who runs her own South Delhi salon, says, ‘’Shaping and styling hair gives me the greatest thrill... Making my clients look good gives me tremendous job satisfaction, besides the opportunity to expand my practise. Financially too, hairdressing is highly paying. Today I can afford all the luxuries of life.”

The makeup artiste’s job is to make the face look attractive by using complementary shades of colour to highlight the features while camouflaging and down-playing the flaws. It is fascinating to watch an expert create several faces on a single individual with a few deft strokes. This is a highly specialised field and a well paying one to boot.

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