Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Recession-safe Jobs

As we all know, the recession has made many industries go for a toss. Just about every industry is reeling under the strain and stress of the quick falls and difficult rises that make the average working day rock with stress and toil.

However, not every industry is doing poorly. All have been hit, yes, but not all are evenly affected. There are some industries which continue to do well despite all that the global market has seen.

IT and dotcom companies have been a hot item among companies that have been less recession hit than others. With the internet age, it seems the natural course of events that businesses under this category would do well.

Another happening business right now is the career in finance profession. Senior professionals in finance have said that it continues to be a leading industry despite the economic downturn.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Coping with being jobless during recession

Being jobless can be really gloomy. As time passes by without having any luck with a job search, your sense of self-worth slips and you begin to question your capabilities. Your accolades in the past will just wipe off from your memory and continue to sulk.

If you have been fired, or have been asked to leave, it doesn’t mean failure in the eyes of everyone else, even though you may feel depressed. If you lose a job, there are some steps you should take.

The most dangerous things one can feel being unemployed is the feeling of worthlessness. This can trigger deep depression. A person can get crazy and/or suicidal because of this. But this can be fought with doses of positive thinking and optimism.

It is normal to feel sad if you suddenly find yourself unemployed. Set a grieving period but as soon as it ends, think of only the now and the future. There’s much to be done and never let the past bog you down.

Don’t be a bum..A typical coping mechanism is just loafing on the couch, drinking brews and watching games and reruns of whatever program there is to watch. While you are missing out on possible job opportunities, you are also letting your health deteriorate.
Start a job search, now.

Just like when you’re starting out, job search do have some downtime in between interviews so try to do things that would lift up your spirits. Take on a hobby or some volunteer work. Exercise. Physical activity helps pump happy chemicals in your body that would help you boost your morale.

If there is an issue with money, list down your financial assets - your cash, deposits, and investments - and make a budget for the tough month/s up ahead. If you will be short on paying the utility and other bills, ask your creditors for some help during this tough time.

If you aren’t having any luck securing a stable long-term work, try exploring other options like consultancy and freelancing. There’s a lot of freelance work available. While it doesn’t present that long-term security, at least you’ll have something to tide you over for the time being.

Consider a career shift. The economy may have an effect on the viability of your field so why not try out other career paths. Who knows? Your current skill sets can be. Try consulting a career counselor for some precious advice.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Formula for Success: Timely + helpful = getting paid

I had to book some tickets for a trip I was making. Researching the net, I finally came to and added my number for travel agents in the area. 

Sure enough, true to form, not more than 10 second later, I get a call from an agent who though not perfect in English, made the attempt for my lack of knowing the local language. In his broken English, we got along and I was soon nearing the end of my booking time. 

I had gotten three missed calls from another number that had tried to buzz not even a few seconds after my first call began. Naturally, since I was on call, I ignored the tiny beep on the background of my phone. The agent I spoke to was helpful, and within minutes I had my booked tickets in my email. 

Why had he gotten the business and the lady who later called didn’t? It was because he was prompt in responding to my query for help. And even after I hung up the call with the travel agent, the woman who had tried calling earlier was hardly helpful. When I asked her to speak in English, she simply hung up. 

In my opinion, a formula for success is: timely + being helpful = getting paid and getting the job done! Kudos to that agent, may we all be as efficient and helpful as he.