Monday, June 16, 2008

Job Portals in India

Are Job Portals in India the most happening thing among dot com companies? When searching through them, there seem to be as many different portals as we’ve got fingers and toes, with even a few to spare! In fact it almost seems to me that they are all EXACTLY the same, only with different templates and User Interface designs.

If this is true, and I am correct, then what is it that keeps people coming back to specific portals? Are they in search of something specific? Are they loving the customer experience? Are they comfortable navigating between pages and find the website extremely user friendly?

Here is what one person had to say about the TimesJobs portal and her experience there:

(Megha, 26 yrs) – “I have been on the TimesJobs job portal for nearly 4 years now and I am loving it! The best thing about this portal is the good customer experience I had. I also loved the resume services. My resume rocked after they did it for me. Three cheers for TimesJobs!”

We all know there are plus points to every website. If there weren’t, they most likely would have been taken down by now from the apparent lack of profit. The difference then, I suppose, is made in the customer experience that follows those plus points. Hats off to all the job portals that provide a good candidate experience to job seekers both new and old!

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