Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Choose Your Career Wisely

Sales Jobs – A common myth about a sales career is that working in sales will give you more ‘control over your life’. When doing a job in sales, your life will be more exciting and adventurous then it ever was, owing to the fact that it is a challenging, high-pressure job. In sales, you get to learn a lot of new techniques and tricks as you are on the job. It’s one of those jobs that take practical and hands-on learning to gain experience and become a top-notch professional. If you enjoy interacting with people, tactfully and convincingly marketing a product, and more, then having a career in sales is for you.

Automotive Jobs – Automotive retailing jobs seem to be the most happening thing on the block. With an estimated 31,000+ new jobs being made available annually, a career in automotive retail seems to be the way to go. Taking up a job in the automotive industry can be extremely rewarding financially, intellectually and in the stability it provides as well.

Nutrition Jobs – If you enjoy working with people, taking up a job in nutrition is an excellent idea. You can find jobs for dietician’s just about anywhere: at a hospital, school, in a food processing unit, etc. If you have a flair for writing, you can take it one step further and cover the nutritional aspect of some part of life as a journalist. Having a career in nutrition is becoming better financially as time goes by. Soon there will not only be scope in the variety of the job, but in the levels of pay packages as well.

Accounts Jobs – Careers in accounting today have become much more happening thanks to the computer. Letting the computer do the calculating work for you, will leave you free to analyze and search for solutions to problems that your clients face. If you have strong interpersonal/ communication skills, and an excellent grounding in financial analysis, starting off your career in accounting will be fitting. According to an article in, a job in accounting equals a dynamic growth possibility in which strong careers can be established.

Online Data Entry Jobs – The best thing perhaps about having an online data entry job is that you can work on your own terms, and as per the amount of time and effort you put into the work, you will be paid accordingly. This kind of job is something that can be done anytime and from anywhere. Whether you are on vacation or not, you can still be earning. Pay in this kind of job is entirely upto you, as if you spend 40 hours working, you will obviously get more pay then someone who only puts in an hour a day.

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