Monday, December 1, 2008

Recession Resilient IT Jobs

In October 1929, the world rocked with a financial crash that led to severe depression and the naming of Black Friday. They say history repeats itself and never has it proved to be truer then when The Great Wall Street Crash was reenacted nearly 80 years later.

But, the good news is that, despite the rough market situation, and the rumors that things haven’t been this bad since 1929, ITians need not career swap, for there are still IT recruiters who are bold enough to hire those of you looking for an IT job.

Who says that just because there are depressing surveys and predictions on budgets and IT careers, there is no room for IT employment? It is a farce – nothing more.

If those hiring are upbeat about the IT job vacancy, then so can we be. The reason they are giving for the positive outlook is that technology is something that every company needs, in every sector. They say that IT is the winning career for the day.

The jobs that experts find at risk however are the networking jobs. In a recently published list of jobs that are supposedly recession-proof, the IT jobs were toppers on the list. Other job streams that were seemingly safe were: networking and system administration jobs, software jobs, design jobs, QA jobs, testing jobs and more.

Apparently, the demand for people who can work with AJAX, Ruby on Rails, etc is high up there.

If you are a consultant, consider getting a full-time employee status. While you can be an outsourced aid if you work on the lower-level IT projects, you cannot move to higher levels unless you are a full-time employee.

If you are looking for a full-time IT job, you should consider if there is also scope provided for any hands-on training or new experiences and new projects. If there is such possibilities, you would do well to take the job while it is still available as training and experience is the best way you can get into higher-paying jobs. Earn while you learn should be your mantra. It is priceless!

Although companies are falling and the economy is sliding, companies still have to function. It is because of this that those with good training and experience will keep their jobs, especially so if you are an IT person. Companies need their core activities to stand strong and as we are in an IT world, this is one battalion that cannot fall unless of course the company is shutting down either temporarily or for good.

But in all this talk, we will not underestimate the skills that are not technical. All have something to contribute to the overall success of the company. If you have soft-skills such as being a people person, if you’re soft spoken, or can handle stress well, you will be the last to go even if the company is sinking.

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