Wednesday, January 7, 2009

About Résumé’s and Resume Services

What are Resume Services?
Resume Services are a feature on most job sites (and some others) that aid an individual in the writing and developing of a professional resume (as well as other services pertaining to the creation of a well-rounded, expert resume). On occasion this also includes sending it to targeted consultants in specified areas or regions.

Why are Resume Services helpful?
Resume Services are especially helpful when you are trying to construct a winning resume that will get you the kind of job you need and want.

But you may be thinking why you need a resume first of all? People use résumé’s as a marketing tool, or as a way of highlighting their talent, strengths and skills that they intend (and can) bring to the job.

What does a resume need?
A resume should have such things as your biodata (your personal information like your date of birth, your full legal name, etc.), your academic qualifications and your work experience (if any, else just clarify in your resume that you wish to begin work as a fresher). You also add in your resume any other qualification or extra curricular activities you may have participated in (such as competitions you may have won). And last but not least, write a short paragraph (not more than a few lines) on what your future goals and aspirations are.

So why did I need help again?
And now you might ask, well, if making a resume was so simple, and entailed so little, then why can’t I just put one together myself? What’s all this hype about professional resume services?

You may find that you’ll need some help when it comes to creating and boiling down your ‘Fat List’ which is the basis of every resume.

Now what’s a Fat List?
A Fat List is the beginning step to creating a resume. It is a giant list of everything you’ve done and/ or accomplished throughout each year of your life – or as far back as is relevant to your job hunt. Fat Lists can be several pages long, hence its name – Fat List.

A Fat List will look something like this:

Completed 12th Grade
Was school captain
Won art competition
Did 240 hours of social work
Worked part-time teaching guitar classes

Enrolled for BA
Took up a Diploma Course in Music
Worked part-time at Dad’s factory

And on your list would go year by year as far back as is related to your job hunting.

But making this list is fairly easy. The hard part will come in when you end up with a giant list spanning several pages, and then need to trim it down to fit on just one page in a clear, concise, marketing-language way!

As a resume is THE tool you will be using to ‘sell yourself’ so to speak, it needs to be perfect. A consultant or potential employer will not spend more than a few seconds on your CV unless something there catches his eye or interests him.

Having your resume done by a professional ensures that you will get the maximum results out of your efforts with a job that is well-rewarding.

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