Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Formula for Success: Timely + helpful = getting paid

I had to book some tickets for a trip I was making. Researching the net, I finally came to and added my number for travel agents in the area. 

Sure enough, true to form, not more than 10 second later, I get a call from an agent who though not perfect in English, made the attempt for my lack of knowing the local language. In his broken English, we got along and I was soon nearing the end of my booking time. 

I had gotten three missed calls from another number that had tried to buzz not even a few seconds after my first call began. Naturally, since I was on call, I ignored the tiny beep on the background of my phone. The agent I spoke to was helpful, and within minutes I had my booked tickets in my email. 

Why had he gotten the business and the lady who later called didn’t? It was because he was prompt in responding to my query for help. And even after I hung up the call with the travel agent, the woman who had tried calling earlier was hardly helpful. When I asked her to speak in English, she simply hung up. 

In my opinion, a formula for success is: timely + being helpful = getting paid and getting the job done! Kudos to that agent, may we all be as efficient and helpful as he.

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