Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The perfect resume gets the perfect job!

Even if you’ve spent hours writing up your resume, days perhaps, if you haven’t proofread it at least once, you may be in danger of facing an interview rejection.

Rohit Kapoor just got out of college. Thinking he’d get into employment right away he sat down to make his resume. A week and some change after he’d begun, Rohit figured his resume was good to go, and he mailed it out to over 50 potential employers. Unluckily for Rohit, he had put in the time, but forgot to proofread his resume. It was full of typos and genuine errors.

His school dates, instead of reading 1985-2008, it read 1895-2008. Instead of reading that he studied public relations, it read that he had studied ‘public rations’. Funny, isn’t it? His potential employers didn’t think so. As a result, Rohit got not even one positive job-response to the resume he’d worked so hard for.

An important point to remember is that there is plenty of competition in the market today. If you do not portray yourself as top-notch, someone else will come along and bag the job that could have been yours to begin with.

One employer wrote back to Rohit explaining that if he could not display thoroughness in his resume – which was meant to be his initial introduction – they weren’t sure if he would be able to give the job the due it required.

Some important points to learn from Rohit:

  • Always proofread your resume, no matter how long you’ve worked on it.
  • Get a friend to look over it too. Their perspective will help to point out things you hadn’t noticed.
  • Come back to it at a later time when you are fresh and can read through it properly.
  • Reading your resume aloud to yourself will help you to check for grammatical errors and run-on sentences that can happen to even the best of us.
  • Leaving errors on your resume will allow employers to think that you are careless and inefficient. Don’t give them room for that.

Well, Rohit learned his lesson that day, but it’s an important point for all of us. He proofread his resume, got a friend to look over it too, and he’s now got himself the job he imagined he could have.

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Shanu said...

"The perfect resume gets the perfect job!" i like these points.