Wednesday, October 28, 2009

TimesJobs launches a new generation resume - Global Connect!

It’s brand new, it’s practical and it’s never been on a job portal before. Global Connect was recently launched on TimesJobs as a tool with which a candidate can connect their online social media to their existing TimesJobs profile.

With candidates incorporating social media to their profile, recruiters will now be able to get a more well-rounded view of the candidate before they do so much as call them.

Candidates can now upload and attach to their TimesJobs profile, such things as:

  • Messenger ID’s for live chat interviews
  • Slideshare, Youtube, Google docs, etc.
  • Linkedin, PeerPower, blogs, websites of companies worked for, etc.
  • Work samples, voice clips, courses done, etc.

By viewing samples of their work, professionally chatting with them online and more, you will gain a better perspective on them, thereby cutting your future interview with them in half.

Speaking on the TimesJobs Global Connect feature, Mr. R. Sundar, CEO, Times Business Solutions Ltd. said: “We are in an age where everyone has a presence on many places on the internet. We continuously examine & analyse modern & practical online innovations and leverage them into new services which anyone in any industry can use. With TimesJobs Global Connect, our users can now experience a whole new ease & speed of online hiring with the power of Social Media.”

“With TimesJobs Global Connect, candidates can project to potential employers a comprehensive profile which, apart from their resume, will also intelligently highlight his work & achievements from sites like, LinkedIn, Blogs, Slideshare, YouTube, Google docs etc, on the same platform…Connecting with potential employers is also enhanced with the addresses of various messengers like Gtalk and Yahoo, apart from connecting via phone and email.” added Mr. Nilanjan Roy, Product Head,

With Global Connect on TimesJobs, candidates can now project to potential employers a comprehensive resume. Apart from his TimesJobs resume, he will also intelligently put his profile and work from other sites on the same platform.


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