Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Job-hunt on TechGig!

Imagine if you could have a site that had amazing features on one site that was created just for you. If you can, you’re pretty quick. The TimesJobs team created TechGig to suit your specific needs. Check out their brand new site. With TechGigyou can:

1. Get Premium Tech Jobs. You can get exclusive IT jobs available to only you. With jobs from top employers all in one place, the goal to find a better paying job is attainable.

2. Personalize your space. You have the liberty to customize your personal tech space as per your key skills and experience. Additionally, you can receive regular blog/ news updates with ease by adding feeds of your favorite IT blogs to your personal space.

3. Advance your career. As a job seeker, you can advance your career in unique ways. You can see which top skills are currently in demand, get to know how much your batchmates are earning and in which industry, post your resume for employers and more.


get paid to take surveys said...

That is a good idea to find out from friends about the market and then race for it.

Tom Schulze said...


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