Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Salaries being hiked by 12%, says Finance Minister?

On the 26th of March the Indian Government Legislation Party passed a bill that all Indian employees working for private companies will receive an automatic 10% raise against any and all jobs.

The 2009 Conversion of Recession Bill, said that government employees would receive a 12% salary hike in an attempt to retain the top talent that were crucial to facilitating a smooth-running country.

When reached for confirmation, the Finance Minister of India, declined to comment.

Whether or not this is the case, any hike in salary upgradation and promotions finance-wise is much appreciated by the general public thanks to the steady decline in job market trends and otherwise.

Globally jobs are diminishing, in thousands of companies employees are being let go and internationally, salaries are getting slashed by percentages. We at TimesJobs would like to reassure you that yes, there is no place like home, and no place then that which is tried and proven.

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