Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How I blew up my change to bag a great job!

A Truly Smart Job Seeker, before a long awaited interview is intricate about details like formal attire, information about the company and the job he is applying for. But not everyone is so smart! Here are some mind boggling incidences on how some "not-so-smart" Job Seekers blew up their chance to get the job they were trying very, very hard for.

You can't misbehave. Hold Your Moods!!You must be there on time and put your best foot forward! Be graceful and well behaved. Don't keep checking the time in your wrist watch as if you were bored of the process. "One applicant asked the hiring manager to speed things up so he could catch a bus." But the weirdest story came from a hiring manager who said, "One applicant said the company had a black aura and left." Now this kind of an attitude will not get you a job ever!

BE Professional PLEASE

Your first impression can make or break your chance to get the job- but "not-so-smart" applicants don't understand the concept of formal attire. These ultra-cool candidates arrived at their interviews in T-shirts and jeans, but the worse is to come. One job hopeful arrived at his interview displaying a hairy chest, medallion, strong cologne and a wad of gum in his mouth. And which is worse: the applicant who wore a housecoat and slippers or the one who wore his slippers with a bathing suit and T-shirt?

But even the "so-called-smart" and impeccably dressed candidates can appear very unprofessional. Singing the national anthem, trying to sell the interviewer a car, doing yoga at the interview and showing off your new gadget will have similar effects!

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