Monday, May 5, 2008

Resume Fill-ins

Awkward holes in your CV can give you sleepless nights while job hunting. There are some of the experiences, apart from work, that you can highlight to create the best impression

When you start thinking of your resume as a powerful tool, the results can be astonishing. Ideally your resume should project a professional image, reflect your unique skills sets and accomplishments, be easy to understand and most importantly project you as the best candidate for the job. However, there are often some unforeseen circumstances that lead to the accumulation of blank spots on your resume. When you are searching for a job a gap in employment can cause a lot of stress and fear.

What can you do to stop that listless period from burning you down the road? In other words, what can you put on your CV apart from employment/ work history? Are there any significant experiences you have had, or accomplishments you have realised, that have helped to define you as a person?

Let them know what’s in it for them. Project the positive. Your break may have helped you rejuvenate and spend time with the family but think from the perspective of an employer. How do they gain from hiring you? Highlight your accomplishments and help them understands your value.

Life throws up a lot of surprises and you can’t possibly plan for everything. A change in the economy resulting in downsizing, sickness, divorce, the birth of a child or a lot of other unexpected things can keep you away from work for long. It is important to stay positive and let your potential employers know that this gap has rejuvenated you and that you are ready to join the workforce with more passion conviction and commitment.

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