Monday, March 17, 2008

How to negotiate the ‘salary issue’

Salary ArticlesKnow your worth
Have a comparison list with you in the interview. Write out the requirements for the job, as listed in the advertisement. Add any extra skills you believe are important for the role. Compare what you can offer with what the company needs.

Timing is important
Think of the timing and importance of the things you want to negotiate, and acknowledge that some things are not negotiable. Pushing in the wrong direction will not help your cause.

Look at the whole package subjectively
Some companies have their hands tied when it comes to salary, but may have a number of other benefits that will raise your overall remuneration to a figure that meets your expectations. Consider all the benefits combined.

Work towards a win-win situation
When negotiating your salary, squeezing every last penny out of your future employer will not get the relationship off on the best footing. Remember that you will most likely be working with the person you are negotiating your salary with. Be prepared to compromise. It's important that the outcome of the negotiation is a win-win situation.

Know your limits
Sometimes no amount of negotiation will get you what you want. If it does not meet your needs, it is time to stop rather than end up with the wrong deal. Be as upfront as possible, so that the interviewer knows exactly what you are looking for.

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