Thursday, March 13, 2008

Interview Rejections

Interview QuestionsHave you been searching hard and rigorously applying for jobs but nothing seems to be materializing? Here are some tips that will help to get the right kind of job that will best suit your profile.

Plan smart.
Don’t apply for junior jobs just because it takes time. Have more plans before the interview and you will avoid disappointment. Your resume should make recruiters see you as prospective candidate. Try to understand why they are looking forward to hiring.

Don't wait to send the next application.
Rejection is as natural as acceptation. Perhaps they rejected you because you were over-qualified than the job requirement. Stop brooding over the spilt milk and immediately look ahead.

Don't burn your bridges!
The company may even have your dream job in store some years later. Learn to accept their decision and don't ever argue. Always call for feedback and respect their opinion.

Act to Improve.
Every word of feedback can give you an edge in the next interview you face, provided you work to improve your shortfalls.

Believe in your self.
Concentrate on your past achievements as they are the building blocks of your present and future. Stay confident. Rejection is just a temporary situation and will pass away any moment!

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