Thursday, March 20, 2008

Job Fair tips for success

Job Fair Job Fairs are a common platform for both job seekers and the companies! These fairs are not just for the beginners but also for those who have experience and are looking forward to job shift. If you go in prepared, you can succeed with not just one job in hand but multiple offers to choose from!

Job fairs are not a place for fun and entertainment. There is serious work going in there and your carefree outlook can stand against you. Let's see how we can turn a Job Fair into our stepping stone to success.

Pre-event Preparations

Do Research! Have prior information on which companies are participating. Shortlist the companies that interest you. Visit the job portals of the companies you are interested in to have a overview knowledge about them.

Customize your Resumes. make alterations in your resume to match the requirements of the company you want to interview for. This will make your resume appear more appropriate for the job. Carry two copies of the document for each company.

Register Your Self!! You can register your self for appearing in the interview before the actual fair. This gives you an option to decide your interview slot.

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