Monday, March 10, 2008

Quick Resume Tips

Resume Writing Tips1. Keep your resume brief and concise. Do not turn your resume into a tedious list of key responsibility areas. Many people even use their company jargon in writing a resume. Instead tell the prospective employer how you made a difference to your job.
2. Provide specific examples of how the company you work for gained from your performance. Highlight any goals which you achieved ahead of time or any special cost-cutting measures spearheaded by your department.
3. In all, the complete length of your resume should not be more than 2 pages.
4. Keep references ready but provide only if asked for. Keep at least two good referees lined up but do not list them unless you are asked for them.
5. Do a spell/grammar check for your resume. Poor grammar and misspelled words cause a potential employer to question your attention to detail and the quality of your work. Remember your resume is your personal promotional brochure.
6. Eliminate unnecessary resume details. Hobbies and other personal interests should only be included if they relate to the positions you’re interested in.

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